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Client workstations do not appear in ESET Remote Administrator Web Console (6.x)


  • Client computers do not appear in the ESET Remote Administrator Web Console (ERA Web Console) dashboard


A new version has been released

Version 7 of ESET business products were released on August 16, 2018. This article applies to version 6.x and ESET Remote Administrator. For information about what's new in the latest version and how to upgrade, see the following article:


  • ESET Remote Administrator Agent must be installed. If you have not already installed the ESET Remote Administrator Agent on your client computers, they will not to communicate to the ESET Remote Administrator Web Console. Click here for instructions to install ESET Remote Administrator Agent.
  • The client computer must be connected to your domain.
  • Windows Firewall must be disabled on both server and client computers for domain connections.
  • You must have a valid license for the client. Review our licensing FAQ for answers to common questions about licensing in ESET Remote Administrator 6.

Verify DNS is configured correctly on your network

On the client computer that does not appear in the ERA Web Console:

  1. Press the Windows key  + R to open a run dialog.
  2. Type cmd into the open field and click OK.
  3. In the command prompt, type ipconfig and press Enter to display the hostname of the system and its IP address. Note the name of the system and the IP address.

On the ESET Remote Administrator Server:

  1. Press the Windows key  + R to open a run dialog.
  2. Type cmd into the open field and click OK.
  3. In the command prompt, type nslookup.
  4. Type the hostname of the missing client and press Enter. Verify that the IP address and hostname in the second group of lines matches the information displayed by the "ipconfig" command that was run on the missing client (see step 3 on your client computer) .

If the responses from nslookup for the hostname and IP address do not match, there is a problem with your Forward DNS and/or Reverse DNS zones. See the following Microsoft Knowledge Base Article for information about troubleshooting DNS Zones. DNS changes may take up to 12 hours to take effect on your network and be reflected in ERA Web Console. Check to see if missing clients are found after the changes are in place.


If you are still unable to resolve your issue, please email ESET Technical Support.

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